The Old Sherwell Field Bin IMPROVED

  • All fully galvanised.
  • Augers either 11 inch or 13 inch diameter fully galvanised.
  • Field bins built for 45 tonne capacity.
  • Now totaly hydraulic raised and lowered with third hydraulic ram fitted.
  • Child proof ladders.
  • Field bins can be left attached to most tractors for entire harvest.
  • Hydraulic drive auger available as extra.

  • Four ground opening roof panels with lock down clips.
  • Top fill lid fitted for maximum capacity.
  • Six sight glasses to suit all chaser bins and headers.
  • 31 x 10.5 new landcruiser wheels and tyres and H.D. hubs.
  • Hydraulic lock out valve so bins can be raised then towed on road by a 4x4 ute. With lock pin in draw bar for safety.

Hydraulic wheel lift has been redesigned so the field bin now lifts 300mm from the ground. When bin is lowered to the ground tyres now clear ground by 100mm.

Improved galvanised auger outlets to keep trucks further away from field bins.

45 Tonne Field Bin with 11 inch auger, roof ladder. All fully galvanised.

Hydraulic valve can be turned off to retain wheels in transport position so Field Bin can be towed by a ute.

Third hydraulic ram now fitted so raising and lowering bin is done from inside tractor cab. Tractor and field bin can be left hooked up for the entire harvest, moving from paddock to paddock. Draw bar safety pin is now only needed for towing on roads.