Rakes bigger, cleaner windrows using less power


  • Length - 11m   Width - 3.6m.
  • Weight approximately 4.25 tonnes unballasted.
  • Raking width from 2.7 to 6m.
  • Good used super single trailer tyres 385/65/R22.5.
  • Rear axle has ballast weight.

The Premier Scrub Rake is designed to handle heavy duty land clearing and general raking.

  • New main frame design for greater clearance and reduced flex.
  • Better weight distribution over all wheels.
  • New designed jump action and sealed pivot shaft for longer life.
  • New hydraulic steering and raking width.
  • Steer around trees on the move while raking.
  • Power required to pull 120 HP and above.

  • Hydraulic lift.
  • Ability to rake bigger, cleaner wind rows and handle rocks with greater capacity.
  • Eight raking pin wheels using the proven Pederick designed fingers for cleaner raking and lower horsepower requirements.
  • Heavy duty jump arms and hubs with larger adjustable tapered roller bearings.
  • Rakes on right hand side.
  • To transport interstate, rake folds down and will fit legally on a 40ft flat top trailer.


Rakes rocks, cleaner into windrows for a clean paddock


  • Length 12.0m Plus drawbar.
  • Weight approximately 4.10 tonnes.
  • Raking width from 2.7 to 6.0m.
  • Tyres good used super single trailer tyres 385/65R22.5 16 ply.
  • Rear axle ballasted.
  • Has four universal hydraullic break away couplings fitted.

The new Pederick Rock Chain Rake is designed to windrow rocks and leave paddocks clean.

  • New main frame design for greater strength and reduced flex.
  • Replaceable weld on Bis Alloy wear strips under chain.
  • Hydraulic lift and steering is standard.
  • For transport, chain clears ground by 125mm.

  • Tractor drives on clean ground.
  • Rear beam ballasted for larger windrows.
  • Heavy duty wheel hubs and stub axles with large adjustable taper roller bearings.