• Drum length 3.00 metres or 3.6 metres.
  • Drum diameter 1.5m.
  • Draw bar 150x75 RHS.
  • Tow hitch is 50m diameter revolving, with two coil spring shock absorbers.
  • Roller weights are 3.1 tonnes and 4.1 tonnes empty, and 8 tonnes and approximately 9.3 tonnes full of water ballast.
  • Transporting: 3.0m can be transported without an escort, the 3.6m drum would require an escort.

Will break and roll in almost all rocks.
Break and roll rocks into the ground for a cleaner paddock for harvest and driving on.

  • Rock Roller designed to break almost all rocks and push into the ground.
  • Drum heavy duty 12mm thick plate.
  • Cracking bands on outsideof drum solid 50x20.
  • Draw bar fully welded RHS with necessary bracing and gussets.
  • 50x20 solid rock cleaners welded to main frame and run between cracking bands removing wedged rocks.
  • Tow hitch is spring-loaded, greasable and rotates.
  • 200HG jockey leg that swings 90 and clips out of the way, for working.
  • Axles 75mm Heavy duty and removable.
  • Sealed bearings and bearing carrier all heavy duty.
  • Drum can be filled with water for extra weight.