Do-It-Yourself erection, instructions supplied with order.

picture of poly pipe decpoiler, painted Pederick Engineering Orange

The yards are designed so the farmer can dig some post holes, drop the pre-made fence panels in the holes, a bit of concrete and you have a fence


  • 65 x 65 x 2.5mm gal posts & top cap
  • Top pipe 25mm gal
  • Two pressed rails per panel, each 292 x 2mm gal pressed sheets
  • Fixing – pressed rails tech screwed to posts
  • Top pipe – welded & joint sprayed with cold gal paint
  • Full yard panels have posts each end
  • Joining post-pressed rails only come ½ way on post
  • Some pressed rails join in centre of posts when extending a long run of fence
  • Post caps supplied – hammer cap on top of post
  • Cement – sand – blue metal not supplied
  • Supplied are numbered yard panels with layout plan to match numbered panels plus tech screws for pressed rail fixing to joining posts
  • Gates if required – hinges – double hinges – drafting races & gates, bugles, work races, solid gates if required
  • Loading ramps – single & double deck
  • Instruction sheet on erection
  • Lengths – 2.0m, 4.0m, 6.0m, 8.0m with a post every 2.0m except joining panel has no end post, to be tech screwed to next panel post during erection
  • Standard panels are 1000mm high
  • Specials – panels can be made smaller than 2.0m long, price on request
  • Standard – 2.0m post centre
  • Opening sizes in standard panels– from ground to bottom of pressed rail = 100mm; In between pressed rails = 135mm; From top rail to top pipe = 150mm
  • Prices on application
  • Note: Most panels are complete but joining panels require pressed rails to be tech screwed to posts and top pipe tech screwed to protruding joining sleeve
  • NOTE: Sheep yard panels and gates are designed to be erected on level, firm ground


  • Special – gates can be custom make to order any size
  • Standard – 1830 long x 930mm high with two pressed rails with spacings to match fence panels
  • Double gate – Two gates, each 1830 long x 930mm high with two pressed rails, hinged at opposite ends of openings, giving a 4.0m opening
  • Hinges and gates will require to be fitted during yard erection.
  • Hinges have only two bolts each and supplied
  • Hinges – standard pressed Pederick special square to round type fitted with two bolts to fix in position
  • Standard – Swing & chain back against one yard panel
  • Special – Swing two ways back against two yard panels
  • Catches – 5mm galvanized chain and slot into pressed rail to secure closed or fully open
  • Standard gate made from 25mm gal pipe frame with two pressed sheet rails all welded inc two hinges supplied with each gate