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Pederick Engineering

Pederick Engineering manufactures Agricultural Machinery, Augers,

Silos, Field Bins, Sheep and Cattle Feeders.

We join the Coalfields Highway 1.5 km east of Darkan town site. 

Our workshop is fully equipped with a machine shop, fabrication floor, silo section and a

steel storage area.  Lifting equipment consists of 5 tonne and 2 tonne overhead gantry cranes,

plus  monorail cranes ranging from 1 tonne to 2 tonnes in silo division.

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A brief history of Pederick Engineering, Darkan, WA.

Pederick Engineering would be one of the oldest established rural agricultural engineering business names in Western Australia.

It was established by Clifford Pederick in Wagin, Western Australia, in 1928 with one workman, using all hand tools.

In 1930 Clifford purchased an oxy welding plant, the first outside of Perth, and a welder two years later, which was driven by a truck engine.

Pedericks continued to grow until it employed 98 workers in the pin wheel rake land-clearing era.

Pedericks was moved to a new 2500m² factory on Coalfields Highway Darkan, Western Australia.


We currently employ 12 people and the business has once again continued to prosper and grow, adding other company names and products:

In the expansion we now manufacture most Pederick products plus all Cole grain products and Sherwell silos. We also do repairs and rebuilds to a large range of equipment including hydraulic equipment.

The factory machinery has also moved with the times having the normal engineering machinery and overhead cranes, plus CNC lathe, CNC gas & plasma profile cutting machine and Henrob semi automatic riveting equipment which rivets sheet steel without drilling holes.

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