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Our Truck Bins

No More Broken Belts! Remote Hand Controlled!

Fully Hydraulic 5 in 1 bin

New H.D 1000 Series.


  • Key start 35 HP Vanguard petrel motor..

  • All fully hydraulic controlled with hand held remote controller.

  • Remote control has 20 metre working radius.

  • 8 inch grade 304 stainless steel augers. Removable top auger flighting.

  • Heavy duty roll tarp fitted.

  • 8 inch augers hydraulically raise and lower with hydraulic locking in position.

  • Discharge augers in various length options: 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m.

  • Section of flexible PVC hose on outlets.

  • Lights over motor, on top of augers and in bins.

  • Discharge and bin floor augers all hydraulically driven.

  • Cut off sliding doors to empty discharge augers before folding.

  • Bottom of bin and auger dump doors fitted.

  • Painted in two Pac high grade paint on the inside of the bin.

  • Out side painted in Cole yellow enamel paint..

  • Bin length options available.

  • Tray tie down chains and turn buckles fitted.

For current pricing don't hesitate to contact us today !

Grain Carting Bin


  • Suitable for all grain carting.

  • Custom size lengths available upon request.

  • Multiple sized door options available.

  • Painted to your colour of choice.

  • CBH tail gate chains fitted.

  • Four internal lifting lugs fitted.

  • Securing clamps to hold bin to truck tray provided.

  • Hobbs hoist suitable bin with 4 side openings with removeable covers.

  • With floor and without floor option.

  • Small hand operated grain door for filling hoppers.

For current pricing don't hesitate to contact us today !

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