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Our Auger Range

Pederick Engineering together with Cole manufacture high quality professional augers for  all your requirements.

Fully Hydraulic Auger

No More Pushing & Lifting!

Hydraulic Auger raise & lower, Tail raise & lower, Auger drive forward & reverse, and wheel forward & backwards drive.


  • Can be towed on road as an agricultural implement.

  • On farm sit on and drive around hydraulically, no pushing or lifting.

  • New wide Landcruiser wheels, tyres and 8x4 jockey wheels.

  • Top concertina outlet supplied.

  • Rain cover over motor.

  • Auger hoppers supplied.

  • Kohler 34HP key start petrol motor.

  • Latest WorkSafe safety equipment fitted.

  • Improved control valve size.

  • Improved hydraulic motor size.

  • Improved hydraulic wheel size.

  • Improved auger sliding 3-wheel trolley.

  • Five lever control valve.

  • 50 foot augers have 9.2 metres under auger outlet when raised.

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Electric Pencil Auger


  • A small handy 240 volt auger.

  • Easy to push around.

  • 10 x 4 pump-up tyres.

  • Manual raise and lower.

  • Single phase 240 volt electric motor.

  • Belt drive.

  • Rain cover over motor.

  • Galvanised frame.

  • Requires electrical work by electrician (no wiring supplied with motor).


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