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Trailing sheep feeders

40 or 25 Bag feeder


  • All fully galvanized steel.

  • Heavy duty jockey wheel.

  • 25 bag model on 185xR14 LT new tyres

  • 40 Bag model on White 15” x 7” Land cruiser rims with new 31x10.5 x15 tyres.

  • Tandem rocker suspension with heavy duty springs.

  • Galvanized mud guards with bracing to prevent cracking and strengthen guards to be able to stand on.

  • Front sight glasses.

  • Rope operated outlet.

  • 50mm tow coupling.

  • One heavy duty safety chain and shackle.

Optional extras

  • Wireless 2T weighing scales wired and fitted.

  • 6" Auger which is 2.4m above ground. Powered by a 6.5HP petrel motor.

  • Work light of end of auger.

  • Electric brakes.

  • Parking brake.

  • Rear tail lights.

  • Tarp cover.

  • Center divider.

  • Electric 4' stroke actuator for outlet to eliminate use of rope.

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