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Our Silo Range

Pederick Engineering manufacture both 30 degree grain silos and 60 degree silos for pellets, mash & canola meal.

Pederick Silos

The Old Sherwell Silo IMPROVED


  • Silos from 8 to 90 tonne capacity.

  • All fully galvanised.

  • Factory pressure tested for 30 degree grain silos.

  • Ground opening top fill lid with a spring open lid and a stainless steel cable to a hand winch.

  • Child proof roof ladder with a fall safe cable.

  • Silo owner is required to wear a safety harness by WorkSafe rules when climbing silo.

  • Rotating galvanised auger box fitted with sheep proof cover.

  • Silo sight glasses fitted.

  • Base ring has 10mm galvanised blocks underneath uprights so under silo ring area can be cleaned.

  • The special 60 degree base cone silos have all of the above features except not sealed.

  • Silo Pressure Relief Valve.

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Silo Pressure Relief Valve

Keep stored grain in top condition. 
Great assistance keeping weevils at bay.


  • Relief valve especially designed for silos.

  • Proven record over 18 years of operation.

  • Manufactured from clear polycarbonate moulded material for maximum UV protection.

  • PVC fittings all class 18.

  • All exposed openings have fibreglass mesh screens.

  • Exact amount of class 68 mineral oil is supplied to be added to valve at installation.

  • Simple to install.

  • If the oil ever need topping up, only use mineral oil.

  • A silo seal and an 'O' ring are included.

  • Ready to install in silo.


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