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Our Rollers

Will break and roll in almost all rocks.
Break and roll rocks into the ground for a cleaner paddock for harvest and driving on.


  • Rock Roller designed to break almost all rocks and push into the ground.

  • Drum heavy duty 12mm thick plate.

  • Cracking bands on outside of drum solid 50x20.

  • Draw bar fully welded RHS with necessary bracing and gussets.

  • 50x20 solid rock cleaners welded to main frame and run between cracking bands removing wedged rocks.

  • Tow hitch is spring-loaded, greasable and rotates.

  • 200HG jockey leg that swings 90° and clips out of the way, for working.

  • Axles 75mm Heavy duty and removable.

  • Sealed bearings and bearing carrier all heavy duty.

  • Drum can be filled with water for extra weight.

Chopper Roller


For current pricing don't hesitate to contact us today !

  • Our chopper rollers are made to break up stumps and debris after harvest of plantations.

  • The drum is rolled 2.7M wide and has a diameter of 1.8M(not including the chevrons). 

  • Heavy duty everything on this roller, Heavy walled RHS frame, thick plate materials and massive tow hitch made to suit your custom application.  

For current pricing don't hesitate to contact us today !


  • Drum length 3.00 metres or 3.6 metres.

  • Drum diameter 1.5m.

  • Draw bar 150x75 RHS.

  • Tow hitch is 50m diameter revolving, with two coil spring shock absorbers.

  • Roller weights are 3.1 tonnes and 4.1 tonnes empty, and 8 tonnes and approximately 9.3 tonnes full of water ballast.

  • Transporting: 3.0m can be transported without an escort, the 3.6m drum would require an escort.

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