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The Chook's Revenge!

Will catch the fox that you cannot. Fully Assembled and Ready to Use


  • The Pederick Fox Trap is fully assembled and ready for use. 

  • RSPCA approved. 

  • Manufactured from 5mm galvanised weld mesh, the Pederick Fox Trap will retain the most active fox without harming it. 

  • Has a proven track record. 

  • You will be surprised what you catch unharmed! 

  • Light and strong, can be moved around the farm easily. 

  • Has six sides so nothing can dig its way out, opening sizes of mesh is 70mm x 45mm.  

  • It is almost indestructible, the first trap is 15 years old and still in operation. 

  • Capture rate is around 8 captures to 10 baits. 

  • Simple to bait, a top pinned opening door, with a simple quick fit chain to connect bait. 

  • Best bait is fox's natural food, eg. dead birds, rabbits, chooks etc.

  • Caution! If you catch a wild cat, do not get too close as they have a nasty nature as you will see. 

  • Most Landcare groups and the Zoo use these traps.

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